LandscapingFamily time becomes family fun time with the addition of your new above ground pool from Celebration® Pools. The whole group will develop an appreciation for togetherness and the great outdoors when you are poolside.

To create a more enticing setting for family and friends, many owners enhance their pool with landscaping and decking. These complementary products add a touch of elegance and increased accessibility. Be sure that any additions leave enough room to access the pool for maintenance needs.

A visit to your local nursery will help determine the best plants for your region and your pool surroundings. Here are a few things you may want to consider while browsing through aisle after aisle of greenery:

  • Trees and shrubs lend height and depth to the space.
  • Be sure BEFORE you begin planting that you know the expected growth height and width of the plants you place near your above ground pool.
  • Flowers planted in bulk provide an impressive dose of color and give the most impact – buy a flat or two and watch them multiply.
  • White flowers and variegated plants will reflect light in the evening and make your landscape glow.
  • There is more to nature than just eye-catching beauty – incorporate a few sweet smelling plants in your design such as herbs and highly scented flowers.
  • If you have a deck or fence railing, don’t forget them when you landscape. Install hanging pots, window boxes and dot potted plants around the pool.
  • Tiered plantings can conceal the entire structure of your above ground pool and create an in ground appearance.

Build a DeckDeck the walls

Deck and fence additions offer a visually appealing element to your above ground pool, and they also increase the accessibility for your guests. A multitude of colors, construction materials and finishes are available as decking options for the above ground pool owner, so you can achieve the perfect look to accent your home and your pool.

Designs range from the simple poolside sun deck to an elaborate collection of levels and additional amenities such as spas and hot tubs, built in grill stations and outdoor dining rooms. Other pool owners connect their above ground pool with their home, adding decking that spills from the back door to the pool’s edge to allow traffic to flow directly from the house to the outdoor fun. A sprinkling of potted plants and additional seating makes your above ground pool an appealing gathering spot and the hub of activity for the whole family.

A pool fence along the perimeter of your deck helps prevent unwanted access to the pool, but it also keeps the fun from escaping. Enclosures keep errant beach balls and volleyballs from wandering.

A Splash of Color

Landscaping around an above ground pool provides a unique set of opportunities. The pool is an attractive addition to the yard and creates a contrasting backdrop for almost any plant life selections you may make.Landscape rocks are a popular above ground pool accent. As varied in color as the plants that make their home among them, landscape rocks can highlight your above ground pool or help it merge with the surroundings. They also provide good drainage and an ideal home base for flowers and plants.