Pool Living


Pool PartyThere’s no better party spot than a pool, and your new Celebration® above ground pool will quickly become the hub of activity for your friends and family. The pool is well suited for a host of activities and is a pleasant gathering place even when swimming is not part of your plans.

Safety goes hand in hand with your pool enjoyment. Be sure to reference our basic pool safety guidelines on this website, and be certain all of your guests are aware of the rules.

The consistent depth of your Celebration® above ground pool levels the playing field for a variety of water-based games. With your feet firmly on the pool bottom, the Patriot pool offers a more agreeable setting for everything from Marco Polo to volleyball.

Your Celebration® pool is the perfect place for your children to celebrate special events with their friends – from birthdays to the end of school. Parties poolside are also easier to manage with everyone gathered in the same locale. Water games are always a big hit at such events, so be sure to include a few in your party planning. Just be sure there is plenty of adult supervision.

Even if your pool is just the setting and not the center of activity for your outdoor party, you can still dress it up for the occasion. Floating objects – from beach balls to palm trees – are a vivid accent, and they look spectacular drifting around your pool. LED lights or floating candles help illuminate the environment for your evening gatherings. Live flowers add a dash of elegance. Sprinkle hibiscus or gerbera daisy flowers for an injection of color, or decorate with gardenia or camellia blooms for a more formal feel.